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What is an Insurance Lead

Insurance leads are people who have requested a quote for a single or multiple lines of insurance from you. These are people who take the time to fill out a quote usually have an immediate desire to obtain Insurance or wish to switch from their current company.

While there are many lead options available the budget usually dictates these options and their effectiveness. Insurance agents, most Likely come across different types of insurance leads available for purchase.

For Example:

Leads by SEO OR PPC – While you can save money long term this way. Your upfront cost is much higher and also takes a lot of your time. Via learning and tracking your performance.
Real time insurance lead is a lead that comes to you immediately after a person fills out an insurance form. Most forms range in detail. They can be very general or extremely specific to the line of insurance and details of what they are looking to insure as well as detailed information of the individual looking to obtain the Insurance. These leads often come with a higher cost, but usually have a much higher conversion rate.

Live transfer lead is a lead handed off during a live call between a prospective customer and a call center agent to a buyer who then speaks with the prospective customer. These leads depending on the source can convert well.

Once a lead has been generated you have the option of an Exclusive insurance lead which this is a lead only sold only to you or a shared insurance lead – a Lead that is sent to multiple lead buyers. These leads are usually lower in cost but don’t have as high of a conversion rate like an exclusive lead.

Most Insurance leads are for Auto insurance and Home Insurance. The next popular leads are Health Insurance and Life Insurance. However, There is also the commercial lines for Auto, Business and General Liability and Workers Comp.

When buying a lead it is important to ask the source of the leads and if they are incentivized or not as that can really hurt the conversion rate of a lead. is your source to Real Time Leads. We Provide Leads For Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Insurance and Life Insurance. We Offer our Leads To Insurance Agents, Brokers and Insurance Companies Directly. Our Team Has Over 17 years of Lead Generation Experience.


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